Randy's Pride and Joy!!!

Randy bought this 1968 Dodge Charger off the showroom floor of Winter Park Dodge in Winter Park, Florida in August 1968. It now has 175,000+ miles on it.

� Original vinyl top

� Original gold paint on the right side and trunk (the other areas necessitating repaint
due to accidents).

� Original engine has been maintained, although a valve job was done at 80,000 miles.
The first year of ownership saw 45,000 miles accumulated through daily drives between
Orlando (residence) and KSC (employment). For the last 10 years Randy puts only about 2000 miles
per year on the Charger, driving it once or twice a week to work.

�The Charger really saw its heydays in the 1970's when Randy added significant additional
instrumentation, partly for fun and partly for monitoring systems for maintenance.

�Notable items added included:
-- oil temperature gauge
-- transmission temperature
-- transmission fluid level indicator
-- vacuum gauges
-- voltmeter
-- in-dash dwell meter
-- a distributor points monitoring circuit
-- a spark plug firing monitoring gauge
-- differential temperature gauge
-- various ammeters associated with add-on driving/fog lights

� Other notable features of Randy's 1968 Charger included replacement/modification of the original
high beam headlights with 200,000 candlepower aircraft landing lights for those long trips across I-10
in Florida to go caving, back when I-10 contained very little traffic.

A number of these are still operationally functional today although some have passed with time.
But this additional monitoring has helped Randy maintain this '68 Charger to its present state.

� Strict adherence is paid to changing the oil and filter every 2000 miles with Pennzoil single
viscosity 30W being all that has been used for well over 15 years.

� In the Charger's history, there was a time when it was known as the "Batmobile" because of
Randy's association with caving in north Alabama and even north-central Florida. The Charger
was driven places Randy now only goes by 4WD and the undercarriage is indicative of seeing some
rather rough times in the past.

Randy contributes the longevity of his '68 Charger to an original quality product coupled with a dedicated
attentive program of maintenance (oil changes often) and monitoring to sustain its health.

As Randy always says "They just do not style them like this anymore!"

A friend of Randy's bought this 1970 Dodge Charger new and sold it to Randy in 1999. The original white vinyl top was ragged so Randy and a friend decided to paint the top in a color for that year.

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